LG Cup World Baduk Championship

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    LG Cup World Baduk Championship
    LG Cup World Baduk Championship is an international Baduk championship which is promoted by the Cho-sun Ilbo and sponsored by LG

    Since the first game in 1996, all the world-class leading Baduk players from such countries as China, Japan, USA, Taiwan, European countries and the host country Korea have participated in the Championship and competed with each other for the LG Cup

    Since 1988 Fujitsu Cup held in Japan, which was the first international Baduk championship, many of international Baduk tournaments have been competitively held throughout the world

    Under such circumstance, the quarterfinals of the LG Cup World Baduk Championship were held touring round the major cities of the world as New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris, so worldwide Baduk fans could have chances to see the matches of world-best players at first hand. Additionally, every game was cast in realtime via Internet, in such context, the LG Cup World Baduk Championship has been considered that it made a new beginning of the Baduk history

    After the tournament of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds and semifinals, 5 final matches are to be held and the player who wins three final matches will take the Championship and be awarded the prize of 300,000,000 Won(USD 250,000), which is the biggest as a prize money of a Baduk championship

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