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    Tập đoàn ILG Czech ​

    About us

    INVESTMENT LOFIDAMI GROUP a.s. is investment-real estate business focused particularly on

    • Investment activities

    • Real estate activity

    • International business

    • Consultancy services

    The company specializes on development of investment opportunities in Vietnam, particularly with respect to European know-how

    Succesful Investments

    A selection from our successful events

    • Export and development of technologies for production of buses of which zeroth series will be produced in our new area of former Škoda Ostrov and then exported to Vietnam

    • Development and construction of cement works in Socialistic Republic of Vietnam for at more than USD 365 million

    • Investment and sale of building plots in Mezirolí

    Among our satisfied clients are important European companies and concerns such as Škoda Praha, Škoda Power etc. For more information see references

    Vietnam - Czech Business Relationships

    We organized a meeting of Czech and Vietnamese businessmen under auspices of the PM of Vietnam. The meeting turned into a huge success for both parties involved. Several important projects and Memorandums of Understanding on mutual cooperation between the countries were signed here. The meeting was also attended by then Czech PM Miroslav Topolánek

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