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Eco Lighting Solutions


Eco Lighting Solutions
Eco Lighting Solutions (ELS) provides innovative lighting solutions and products with exceptional cost-savings versus traditional lighting applications

Our products are focused on the energy-efficient HYMOES technology for large scale industrial and commercial applications

ELS is a subsidiary of Strategiweb Inc. which holds the exclusive distributorship for Ecolumina Technologies, Inc. (ETI) in the Philippines

Ecolumina is a Taiwanese company that holds numerous international lighting patents and has consistently outperformed international competitors in the field of energy saving lighting technology

The Ecolumina Haiperion outdoor energy saving lighting solution was also selected for the Industrial Design Award competition

ETI demonstrated the latest indoor light “SkyLux” on 12th to 14th May in the Las Vegas Convention Center 2010 LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL and won the 2010 LFI Innovation Awards

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